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Sic Transit (talking-points-memo)

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great track record of success
How Nuclear Fallout Casts Doubt on Renewal of Some Adult Brain Cells

News | Mind & Brain A unique form of carbon dating, made possible by the Cold War, suggests that new neurons rarely survive in the human olfactory bulb after birth By Ferris Jabr ?| June 7, 2012 BOMBSHELL [...]

Allegra To Treat Various Types Of Allergy

It usually happens with us that we fall sick without any reason. We think it is due to change of season that we suffer from sneezing, itching, fever, etc. Change of season can be one reason but every time it?s not due to change of season. It can be a disease called histamine. It?s a [...]

President Zuma still studying Cele report

Lusanda Bill 26 May 2012Calls for President Jacob Zuma to fire suspended police commissioner Bheki Cele are increasing. A leaked report indicates that a board of inquiry found that Cele was not fit to hold the office and should be removed. The inquiry dealt with allegations of misconduct relating to two leases for new police [...]

New metal mix could lead to cheap, plentiful sodium-ion batteries in gadgets

Lithium batteries very frequently power our gadgets, but the material itself isn’t common and, by extension, isn’t cheap. Researchers at the Tokyo University of Science aim to solve that through sodium-ion batteries using a new electrode material. By mixing together oxides of iron, manganese and sodium, Shinichi Komaba and team have managed to get a [...]

Chained children in Pakistan: Not an uncommon treatment for addicts

Police rescued dozens of students at an Islamic seminary in the Pakistani city of Karachi. Chaining is not unheard of for drug or mental health treatment in the region. Police rescued dozens of students at an Islamic seminary Monday in the Pakistani city of Karachi, saying that some of them were drug addicts kept in [...]