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Sic Transit (talking-points-memo)

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great track record of success
Ex-Senator Edwards: tarnished golden boy

(Reuters) – As a highly successful lawyer and a fast-rising politician, John Edwards grew accustomed to people voting for him. With his boyish looks and a sincere demeanor, he won enough jurors’ votes in courtrooms to become a multimillionaire as one of the top personal injury lawyers in the nation. In 1998, in his first [...]

Be Informed on the Various Kinds of BBQ Grills Offered in the Market

This article has been viewed 18 times. You can do lots of activities that are suitable for your family and friends to serve as your happy memories with them. You can plan for a family outing, camping, shopping, or any kind of activity that you and your loved ones will enjoy. Having an out-of-town trip [...]

Oprah to get Sherry Lansing Leadership Award

11 hours ago Mike Windle / Getty Images Janice Min, THR’s editorial director, calls Oprah Winfrey, “an inspiration to us all.” Oprah Winfrey?has been selected as the 2013 recipient of The Hollywood Reporter’s Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, which recognizes a woman who is a pioneer and a leader in her industry. Journalist and activist [...]

Japanese kids sing ‘Sunny in Philadelphia’ tune

TV Randee Dawn TODAY contributor 8 hours ago The Internet does not always supply context. But when it offers up a video of adorable Japanese kids singing “The Dayman Song” from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” while standing in front of a whiteboard image of “Family Guy’s” Peter Griffin, how much explanation does [...]

Jeffrey Bezos, Washington Post?s next owner, aims for a new ?golden era? at the newspaper

Submitted: September 3, 2013 – 3:38pm Originally published: September 3, 2013 Last updated: September 3, 2013 – 3:38pm Location: Washington Post, 1150 15th St NW, Washington, DC, 20071, United States Jeffrey P. Bezos, the next owner of The Washington Post, says he doesn?t have all the answers for what?s ailing the newspaper industry or for [...]