Groupon CEO: We Need to Stop Taking Stupid Risks [Blockquote]

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Here’s something—other than reactivated coupons—that might cheer up disgruntled users of Groupon: its CEO does at least admit that the company’s been acting like a bunch of irresponsible asses. More »

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The Air Force’s Secret Hypersonic Glider Flew So Fast Its Skin Fell Off [Airplanes]

Last summer, the Pentagon’s Falcon HTV-2 glider—which the Air Force says can fly from New York to LA in under 12 minutes, disappeared. Nobody knew why! Now we know why: it went so fast it ripped itself apart. More » kasey kahne angelina jolie right leg saving face academy award winners best picture 2012 oscar winners [...]

Marijuana and Farm Poisons Contaminating California?s National Parks

? New Study Indicates Problem Worse Than Originally Thought ? Skippy MasseyHumboldt Sentinel ? CALIFORNIA (Live Science/Yahoo News)? Pesticides from California?s valley farms are collecting in the tissuesof a singing treefrog that lives in pristine national parks,including Yosemite and Giant Sequoia, a new study finds. The chemicals include two fungicides never before found in wild [...]

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The more biologists look, the stranger the places they find life. Whether it’s in the boiling mud ponds of Yellowstone or in radioactive seams miles beneath the surface of the Earth, microbes seem capable of surviving just about anywhere. That’s why one team is heading to the deep desert of Turkmenistan to see if life [...]